A wonderful gag stuffed animal, a weenie baby!

The Dude

Available Weenie Babies

These adorable plush stuffed animals are always excited to see you! Give one a good home today. Each Weenie Baby measures approximately 9 inches tall. These make a great gag gift for bachellorette parties and the beanie baby collector you know.

Click on the pictures for a larger image.

Sir Johnson the Lion
Chubby the Bear
Randy Racoon

Morty Moose
Vinnie da Stallion

Ice Pube
Pepe Pig
Ding a Ling the Panda

Beefy the Bull
Cumbo the Elephant
Domingo the Flamingo

Each Weenie Baby is available for a limited time only. Just like Beanie Babies, there are only so many manufactured and then retired.

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